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Bathroom Remodeling in Baltimore, MD

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Remodeling Contractor - Pikesville, MD


Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling

We're a fully licensed and insured remodeling contractor in Pikesville, MD. We provide complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling, including design and installation. We provide designs and do everything from flooring installation, new fixtures to fully painted surfaces. We will meet with you to discuss your ideas and go over the materials you want to use. Then we will develop a plan and execute it to give you the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

Make over your space with kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Baltimore, MD. Handyman On Demand, LLC renovates kitchens and bathrooms for homeowners from throughout the area. We update the two most important rooms in your home to make them more functional and visually appealing. If you want to add functional and visual appeal to your space, turn to us and we'll do what it takes to revamp your home.

Kitchen Remodeling in Baltimore, MD

Kitchen Remodeling

With a kitchen remodel, we can do anything, including installing new cabinets, countertops, tile backsplashes, and lighting. We can also add a fresh coat of paint and finish and erect drywall if needed. Not only that, but we can also decorate your new kitchen to help bring the look of the room together.

Bathroom Remodeling

With a bathroom remodel, we can install new shower stalls, bathtubs, backsplashes, lighting, and flooring. While we can change out the toilet and install fixtures, we cannot perform any plumbing work.

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